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Medical Massage

The definition for Medical Massage is a collection of scientifically researched styles of massage that produce clinical stable results. Below are a few of the specific modalities used at Empowering Touch.

Segment Reflex Massage is the most integrative method of medical massage because it systematically addresses all types of soft tissues during a single session. This ability allows the practitioner use a number of different tools at their disposal at achieve the client’s goals.

Connective Tissue Massage is a type of massage targets the restoration of connective tissue and neighboring structures. Here is a great way to visualize this modality. When you throw a flat sheet on when making your bed, there are usually a lot of folds in the sheet.  If you only pull the sheet one way you will never completely get rid of the folds. Using a focused pulling technique, we are able to flatten the folds of the fascia and restore normal function to the area.

Periostal Massage is used when there is an issue with the bones of the body. It is extremely effective when addressing symptoms from trauma overload such as: Golfer's and Tennis elbow, De Quairvan's disease as well as chronic disorders with the tendinous parts of the muscle which include Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.

Post Isometric Relaxation is an energy technique that is one of the best tools for the elimination of hypertonic pathologies i.e.(hyper tonus, trigger points and myogelosis). This method includes isometric contraction then relaxation and passive stretching.

Vibration Massage is one of the most under utilized tools in a massage therapists tool box. One of the biggest benefits of using vibration as a therapeutic tool is its ability to turn off the pain analyzing system of the human body. In layman terms,  the vibration is repeating over and over to the brain "Bueller,... Bueller,... Bueller?". What this does for the treatment is allow the therapist to work more precisely and quickly as the central nervous system is not in fear of being hurt.

Lymph Drainage Massage is just as it sounds.  The main goal here is to drain excess lymph from the arms, legs and body. it is a gentle process and best results are achieved when preformed daily or every other day.

Stress reduction/Therapeutic Massage

The main goal of Stress-Reduction massage is the interruption of the vicious cycle of stress accumulation and prevention of further problems. Regular sessions of Stress-Reducing Massage balance the mental state, making people happier in everyday life and more energetic at work. This modality restores healthy skeletal muscles and improves blood and lymph flow. This style contains a combination of long strokes, kneading, friction and the speed is light to moderate.

Therapeutic Massage is a more focused method of massage treatment compared to Stress-Reducing massage. In many cases, Therapeutic massage is part of medical massage. This is expressed in the forms of preparing the soft tissue and using techniques like counter-irritation to break the pain cycle. The whole collection of massage techniques are implemented during a Therapeutic massage session. 

Pregnancy Massage

A often asked question is why a expectant mother needs Pregnancy Massage. The answer is two fold. Those who are with child can use Therapeutic massage to calm calm the central nervous system. This helps the body relax and reduces negative anticipation and anxiety that can accompany pregnancy. Medical massage serves its purpose in assisting the body to unwind and loosen strained muscles from carrying the extra weight that is associated with child bearing.  A release from your care provider is required before services are rendered.

Sports Massage

Despite popular belief, Sports massage is for healthy athletes. The main goal here is to help the athlete reach their peak performance during their competition season and restore the physical potential afterwards. The same 7 basic massage techniques are still used but how they are applied is going to be different.  The protocols around sports massage help to prepare the athletes, mentally and physically, before and after their events.



Length of Session Single Session 4 Session Package
30 Min $40 $150
60 Min $75 $280
90 Min $105 $400
120 Min $145 $560
There is an additional charge for Pregnancy Massage for Essential oils and other supplies used.
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Prefer your session in the comfort of your own home? Outcalls are available for an additional charge depending on your location.


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