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Empowering Touch is a Woodlands-based business created on the belief that all people deserve to have healthy sense of well-being. My mission is to promote a natural movement in your body. I regard massage as an integral component to achieving that goal.


My Philosophy

As children, we thrived on positive healthy touch. This supported us in finding personal boundaries and the ability to be comfortable in our own bodies. For some, that comfort level develops into stagnation, both mentally and physically. With such a restriction, one can find themselves in a rut and having developed habits that lead to a "boxed in" feeling. The result limits perceptions of what one can feel and do, but more importantly, what is possible.

My own feeling of confinement was the seed that brought Empowering Touch to life. It is my belief that bodywork can start a healing process that changes lives. My intention is to provide an environment which allows my clients the ability to be open and comfortable. Providing such an atmosphere makes it possible for them to once again, move with a fluid balance.

~ Michael




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